Swimming Hippo is a digital & creative agency based in the picturesque Vale of Evesham. Blah blah blah... heard it all before? So what makes us different?

Digital & Creative Agency

Combining good design & technology is challenging. Since starting out in 2001, we have made sure that all our services are creatively driven, meaning the final result of any project is well designed both visually & functionally.

Extracting & Explaining

Less painful and more productive than a visit to the dentist. When you come to visit our studio, we will sit down over coffee and extract your requirements, then explain our approach to your project.

Flexible & Reactive

We believe that reacting quickly to requests made by clients and being flexible with our production timings is an essential aspect of customer support in this on-demand era.

Why Swimming Hippo?

We are often asked about our name "Swimming Hippo" and how it came about. When we first started out, programmers ruled the web design & development world, not designers or marketers. The first strap line we used, "Surprisingly elegant solutions", fit this era and our ethos. The websites we produced were elegant, well designed and functional - a rare combination in 2001. Hippos are "surprisingly elegant" when underwater, so came the name, Swimming Hippo.

The Team

Joe [Creative Director]

Love's snowboarding, creativity, travel and most of all family. Established Swimming Hippo following background including partner of a .com.

Claire [Accounts Director]

Mmmm... Cake.

Mia [Junior Web Developer]

A passion for photography, loves to travel and keep fit at the gym.

Mia [Junior Web Developer]

A passion for photography, loves to travel and keep fit at the gym.

Alex [Web Developer]

The office DJ, you'll find him at Kingsholme most weekends.

Hugo [Office dog]

Woof Woof..

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