App Design & Development

Smart access to your services.

Swipe away the competition by having your services available to pull out of the pocket; this dramatically increases the potential of sales, and availability of your products/ services. There are 6.2 million smart phone users in the UK, with 2 million using iPhones, and by mid-January 2010, three billion apps were downloaded

from Apple's App Store alone. This is clear evidence of the potential benefit of having an app of your company available, due to the ease of accessibility and frequency of the use of smart phones. Just imagine your company available at your fingertips.

How we can benefit you

We won't just put your website onto a phone screen, we will design a smart phone friendly user interface that is easy and fast to use, we can keep the design simple, to make it easier to navigate and reach your key services easier. We take care of your app being submitted to Apple so all you have to worry about is being connected to the internet.

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