Email Marketing

Spam would of been exciting in the 80's, but now your email design needs to make sure it doesn't end up in the junk to get those customers coming in.

In the past 4 years there has been an increase of 26% in companies engaging in email campaigns, and the proportion of email marketers sending more than 50,000 missives each month has increased by half in the last four years alone. Because email marketing is free, many companies are taking it up and creating

mass emails to undefined audiences, they are simply being marked as junk and are getting no responses. With poor success rates it could prove to be a waste of a company's valuable time and money.

How we can benefit you

We can help you establish an email campaign, that will identify your target audience and establish who is opening the emails and who has deleted them, meaning we can collect clear data and create conversion statistics meaning that we can consistently improve your email marketing by defining what kind of people are responding and aren't and therefore we can generate successful email marketing.

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