Google PPC Management

Through our pay per click management, we can make sure you get the clicks, and that you are benefiting from them.

The average amount paid per click (PPC) is 50p, and it is estimated that 54% of people suffer from Adwords fever; obsessed by the potential of making money through Google Adwords, but combine the 2 together and you could have a catastrophe, you need to understand your customers and execute a strategy to get the right traffic coming to your website to guarantee more customers.

With our Google Adwords management we make sure you are getting the most out of your money:

  • We offer full bid management to make sure you only pay what you need for a good on page position - and we will make sure it stays that way. We also help define precise search terms to ensure a specific flow of traffic comes in.
  • Our landing page optimisation helps your page instantly engage with your customer through user friendly, targeted copy based on the ad description, and a design focused on customer action.
  • Conversion tracking helps you to keep track of how many clicks you are getting, and by looking at internal movement we can constantly improve your Google Adword account.

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