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Cotswold Valves

Cotswold Valves is a small, traditionally run engineering company. This does not limit their aspirations - having a website that reflects this was essential.

Even the owner of Cotswold Valves doesn't get overly excited about flow valves, but he does know his stuff when it comes to where they can be used. Cotswold Valves is involved in the supply of products to projects ranging from arena construction

to district heating. As the clients involved in these large projects are generally high profile, Cotswold Valves website reflects a high level of professionalism, and provides key data and specification requirements for the products being promoted.

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Cotswold Valves customers are engineering and purchasing professionals who demand detail product information our aim when upgrading our web site in 2012 was to make information on our range quickly and easily accessible. Over several meetings, Swimming Hippo listened and understood what was required. They produced a website which provides the right impression with easy access to a huge amount of information. We can manage our website as products are improved so it is never out of date,the site produces enquiries from around the world opening new markets as traditional customers diminish.

Doug Parnell, Managing Director

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